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Least and most expensive cars to insure in Australia
Did you know that car insurance premiums vary dramatically based on the car you choose to buy? Here’s our guide to the least and most expensive cars to insure in Australia...
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Agreed or Market Value? | Compare Insurance
When you buy your car insurance you to need to decide whether to insure your car for an agreed value or market value.
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Car insurance checklist
Whether you're insuring a new car for the first time, or renewing a policy, having a checklist will help make sure you get the most accurate quote and the best deals on your car insurance.
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Understand the Health Insurance Rebate
Understand the private health insurance tax rebate:
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8 EOFY money saving tips
It’s that time of year again when we all have to do our tax return. We all want to have a few more pennies in the piggy bank so we’ve put together 8 top tips on how to maximise the money you get back from the tax man.
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Travel insurance important words to understand
Some words and phrases used in travel insurance aren’t there to catch you out, but they can have special meanings and can be tricky to understand. Find out more #travelinsurance
the cost of life insurance info
Do you know 3 in 10 Australians say they do not have any form of personal life insurance!? Check out more facts with our life insurance infographic! #infographic #lifeinsurance #comparelifeinsurance
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Thinking of income protection but worried about the additional cost? Here's some tricks to help you save on your income protection: #incomeprotection #compareincomeprotection
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If you’re a student starting a gap year, or going to study abroad then you’ll need student travel insurance to cover you for overseas medical emergencies, lost baggage, travel delays, cancellations, stolen money, personal accidents and more! #student #studenttravelinsurance #travelinsurance #gapyear #backpacker
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Don't put all your eggs in one basket! It’s an important decision to make, whether to buy your life insurance through your superfund or not. Here we review life insurance through a superfund versus an independent life insurance provider to help make your decision a little bit easier. #lifeinsurance #superannuation
Did you know 14,340 cars were stolen in Australia in the first 3 months of 2013 alone? Take a look at our car insurance infographic to understand how to protect your pride and joy. #carinsurance #carinforgraphic #infographic #carinsuranceinfographic #carfacts Car Insurance Ad, Facts Infographic, Car Facts, Car Insurance Tips, Insurance Quote, Best Car Insurance
Car Insurance Facts Infographic
Did you know 14,340 cars were stolen in Australia in the first 3 months of 2013 alone? Take a look at our car insurance infographic to understand how to protect your pride and joy. #carinsurance #carinforgraphic #infographic #carinsuranceinfographic #carfacts
the cost of travel info for travelers in europe and asia, with information about what they are
Travel Insurance Facts Infographic
Did you know 70% of all Australian travellers say they wouldn't leave the country without travel insurance? Check out Compare Insurance's travel infographic to understand why travel insurance is so important. #infographic #travelinfographic #travelinsurance #travelfacts
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Are you a backpacker? Are you about to start your gap year? Find the best travel insurance to cover all your adventure activities! #backpack #backpacker #gapyear #budgettravel #travel #travelinsurance