Debt Free Planning

The ultimate guide to debt free living and learning how to pay off debt! These simple tips are the keys to financial freedom. Using the Dave Ramsey plan and…
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Budget by Paycheck Spreadsheet
Plan out your Paycheck with a Budget by Paycheck Google Sheet. Designed to boost your money confidence with ease
the ultimate guide to buying and selling items for your business or company, including an info sheet
17 Essential Components to Include in Your Budget Plan
Here are 17 of the most important elements to include as you craft your own budget plan to achieve financial freedom.
the 25 simple tips to pay off debt
20 Simple Tips on How to Live a Debt-free Life
There are a few ways to help you pay off debt quickly without missing a beat or having to "go without" things, despite the difficulties you may be facing. These tried-and-true strategies have been successful in the past and will continue to be effective for anyone who wants to quickly resolve their financial difficulties.
Simple & Easy Way to Budget Your Sinking Funds by @naturallylizzie0922
Watch @naturallylizzie0922 practice the incredibly simple method of budgeting known as cash stuffing. Cash stuffing is the process of dividing up your monthly cash into envelopes designated for different budget categories. Try it today!
💰 A Budgeting Method that Will Change Your Life
How do you cut costs? Here's a creative approach for you to save money. The "cash envelope system" or "cash stuffing" is an actual cash-based budgeting technique. Watch how this approach will assist you in creating a financial plan.
Simple & Easy Budgeting Using the 50/30/20 Method
Anyone, regardless of income, can apply the well-known budgeting method known as the 50/30/20 rule. The strategy splits your income into three categories: "needs," "wants," and "savings." Here's a quick video on how to use the method.
Simple Tips on How to Save an Emergency Fund for Rainy Days ☔️
An emergency fund is a critical component of any financial plan to avoid using your credit cards and boost your financial confidence
How to Save Money this 2023: Monthly Savings Challenge
The 52-week Savings Challenge is a great way to start saving and building your financial future. It is an easy way to kick-start your savings plan and boost your financial confidence. Save this for later and start saving money!
How to be Responsible for Your Finance
How to Easily Organize your Budget by @abundantgains
Here's a simple method for keeping track of your sinking funds: cash stuffing, sometimes known as the "cash envelope technique," is a method of budgeting that uses actual cash.
a pile of papers with the words how to budget when you're behind on bills
How To Budget Your Finances to Stay on Top of Your Bills
Here are 6 steps you can take on how to budget when you are behind bills and start paying them on time.
a computer monitor sitting on top of a desk next to a calculator and mouse
💰 How to Save $1000 in Just 3 Months (13-Week Money Challenge)
Ready for a fun way to challenge yourself to SAVE money? Here's a bundle of 5 savings trackers that will help you save $1000 in just 3 months. To keep everything in one place, this also includes how to import your savings challenge into your current spreadsheets.