Financial Goals

It’s never too early or late to start planning for your financial goals. Learn new financial goal ideas, start paying off debt, and start achieving financial…
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Budget by Paycheck Spreadsheet
Plan out your Paycheck with a Budget by Paycheck Google Sheet. Designed to boost your money confidence with ease
How to Save $1000 When You Have a Small Budget
Looking for a fun way to save money? Save up $1000 in 30 days, 3 months, 365 days or at your own pace.
the ultimate guide to buying and selling items for your business or company, including an info sheet
17 Essential Components to Include in Your Budget Plan
Here are 17 of the most important elements to include as you craft your own budget plan to achieve financial freedom.
How To Successfully Save Money as a Student
Easily save $500 a month as a student with this easy to follow daily saving guide
📝 Budgeting Made Simple: 15 Bullet Journal Financial Ideas
A bullet journal (bujo) is a fantastic tool for keeping track of your finances. Plus, it’s a great way to tap into your creativity on a Sunday afternoon. Here are 15 bullet journal financial ideas that you can take inspiration from and create one for yourself.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk with the words weekly budget planner next to it
🧾 Simple & Easy to Use Weekly Budget Planner (Perfect for Beginners)
This spreadsheet is ideal for those who are just getting started with budgeting, have tiny budgets, or live paycheck to paycheck. There are up to five weekly paycheck budgets in it and it is prepared for any currency. It has room for up to 10 income sources and it features 35 lines for each budget area.
the only budget catagories you need to know about infografit com
The Only Budget Categories You'll Need to be Successful this 2023
Sharing with you 12 categories you'll need to focus and work on to be successful plus powerful tips on how to budget when you are behind bills.
The Perfect Budgeting Tool for Beginners this 2023
This biweekly budget by paycheck will cover all your budgeting needs. It comes with four files: a biweekly paycheck budget, a debt payoff tracker, a sinking funds tracker, and an annual bill tracker for all your expenses. This is an excellent place for beginners to start budgeting this 2023.
The Perfect Budgeting Tool for Beginners: Weekly Budget Planner
Do you plan to start budgeting but don't know where to start? Watch how @naturallylizzie0922 creates her weekly personal budget. Keep in mind that a budget is personal. What works for her may not work for you. Make the necessary adjustments if needed.
a stack of credit cards with the text how to pay off debt when you live paycheck to paycheck
20 Powerful Tips on How to Pay Off Debt When You Make Just Enough to Get By
Having little resources and a lot of debt can make us feel hopeless at times. Despite the difficulties you may be having, there are a few ways you can quickly pay off your debt. Here are 20 tried-and-true tips for people who want to pay off debt while living paycheck to paycheck.
This is My Salary Trying to Keep up With my Expenses 🤪
This meme doesn’t go old! 😂 Click here to learn how to save and budget your money.
the ultimate guide to saving money info
How to Save Using the 50/30/20 Budget Method
Ever wondered how to budget your money more efficiently? Try the 50/30/20 rule! A straightforward budgeting formula you can use to help manage your finances more efficiently.
💻 Simple & Effective Way to Budget Your Paycheck for the Holidays
This month, bonuses will be heading your way as Christmas draws near. Watch this budgeting video by @takingcareoffinance to see how she plans her spending and prepares for the holidays.
an open notebook with some writing on it
35 Super Easy Frugal Living Tips to Save Money :dollar:
Are you looking for the best frugal living tips to help you save money? Here are 35 ways to help you start living frugally today!