Architecture fascinates me too, especially if it´s organic, and I love the mix of old and new, when it goes up in an aesthetic unity. I think the Spanish are…
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a small green house sitting in the middle of a garden next to a tall brick building
connected spaces and reclaimed materials revamp [Y/N] studio's victorian london home
an abstract painting with different shapes and sizes on it's surface, including balls
Art to Inspiration: Jo Howe
Pendant by Erik Gonzales, mixed media on panel, 60x60
a white house sitting on top of a lush green field
Timeless architecture and interiors
House on Gotland is a vacation house located south of Visby on the island Gotland, designed by ETAT ARKITEKTER for a family of four. Situated in the Baltic sea the nature on the island is formed by a harsh climate and lime-filled soil, dominated by flowering meadows and low juniper bushes.
an old stone house surrounded by trees and bushes
Provence : une maison neuve taillée en pierres sèches
a black cabin with glass walls and sliding doors
Hemma hos Sommarnöjens VD Choi Ping Woo | Residence Magazine
an empty tunnel with light coming through it
Fort Jabrin II by Piotr Dębek / 500px
Interior of Fort Jabrin, Oman
an old building with glass doors and stone steps leading up to the front door is surrounded by greenery
Floor to Ceiling Goodness
Materialer: metal, beton og mursten sammen med det "bløde" grønne. Elsker når slyngplanter vokser op af huse/huset går i et med det grønne. Det må gerne være "tilpas utæmmet" for mig
an artist's rendering of a small house in the middle of a forest with stairs leading up to it
Catskills Tiny House
Your very own modern tiny house weekend getaway. The Walden 144 features soaring ceilings, lofted living space, a wood stove, alcove kitchen, and shower room.
a small gray house sitting next to a tree
the tiny house is made out of concrete and has glass doors that open to let in light
Ultrakompakt designhus i beton og træ kan flyttes efter behag
a stone planter sitting in front of a window on the side of a building
Audur skula