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some red flowers are in a vase on a table with other plates and bowls behind them
two white vases with brown stems sticking out of them
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there are many different colored vases on this planter and it is next to a stone wall
three decorative garden markers in the grass
TMC Pottery Moon Vase
How to Make a Moon Vase Crafting a Moon Vase: Step-by-Step Guide. Today, we’re going to create a moon vase, and I’ll walk you through the process step by ste… Read more in our blog post > https://themccorrycollection.com/tmcpottery/blog/how-to-make-a-moon-vase/
a blue tray with flowers on it sitting on a table
Images — Lucy Fagella Pottery
the process of making a vase out of clay is shown in three different stages, including being made from clay
a white vase sitting on top of a table
Andrew Dewitt
a blue comb with fish on it sitting in front of a black background that has been altered to look like something out of the ocean
Peter Stewart
a blue vase with white flowers and green leaves in it on a gray background,
a hand holding a ceramic cup with designs on it
two vases sitting next to each other on a table
Fall Vase, Ceramic Vase, Created by Jim and Shirl Parmentier
three large vases sitting on top of a table
Gary Jackson
slab vases
a blue and white vase sitting on top of a wooden table
Colleen Deiss Designs -handmade ceramic mugs, ceramic coffee mugs, unique handmade mugs, floral design mugs, lace pottery
a white vase with an intricate design on it
three potted plants sitting next to each other
a stack of blue glass plates sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase