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Perrie Edwards on who her celeb crush was growing up
Hands up if Jeremy Sumpter aka Peter Pan was your celeb crush too 🙋‍♀️
Did Sean's sweet references give the Case Amor girls the ick?
How did Love Island's Diamanté and Ruby handle Sean's "candyman" references? 🍭
Alex Albon "doesn't envy" F1 girlfriends' attention on social media
Alex Albon is a self-proclaimed 'private' man, and guessed over his partner Lily Muni, saying he's empathetic towards the attention F1 GFs get 🥹
Love Island's Harriet on what her final straw was with Jess
Love Island's Harriet and Jess had a tumultuous relationship on the show. Here's what she and Ronnie had to say about it 🌴
Love Island's Samantha Kenny spills the tea on how she danced her way around the drinking rules 😱
Love Island contestants are famously only allowed a couple of drinks at most on the show, but Samantha Kenny explains how she found a way around it
a woman sitting on the ground holding a sign that says bratt in front of her
Brat girl summer is the internet's latest aesthetic obsession, here's EYNTK
As decreed by official poster girl, Charli XCX
How do professional comedians show that they love a stand-up set?
Amy Poehler reveals exactly how she reacts when told a good joke 🤣
A 'fiery' sex scene for the Mondrichs was cut from Bridgerton season 3
The Night Agent season 2 has wrapped production!
It's slated for a 2024 release
a woman with long black hair wearing a black turtle neck sweater and looking at the camera
Riley Keough fans all have the same reaction to her new Chanel shoot
The resemblance is uncanny!
a woman in a green dress holding a microphone
Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo basically just cosplayed as Glinda and Elphaba IRL
Ariana in 3D florals and Cynthia *obvs* in green
Lord and Lady Whistledown 💕😍
Besties Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan were, as per, the CUTEST at Netflix’s Bridgerton S3 part 2’s premiere.
a woman with red hair holding a young boy in her lap and wearing a tie
Julia Fox and son Valentino are the queen and prince of NYC in matching pink royal looks
He's following in his mother's unconventional fashion footsteps
PSA: A Crazy Rich Asians TV show is coming!
We want more Nick and Rachel!
Here's everything we know about the new Hunger Games movie so far
Haymitch fans unite!