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Sabrina Carpenter on The Eras Tour and dating in the public eye
Sabrina Carpenter on The Eras Tour and dating in the public eye
Sabrina Carpenter on The Eras Tour and dating in the public eye
Sabrina Carpenter on The Eras Tour and dating in the public eye
Not unlike the megastar she’s been opening for, parts of her personal life play out for public consumption via a self-feeding loop of lyrics and gossip and headlines and then lyrics again, sending fans into detective mode as they sing along to every verse. The latest round of headlines, in case you’ve somehow missed them, pertains to a certain internet-breaking rumoured suitor.
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The sides of Halle Bailey you haven't seen
My heart is great. I just got off this press tour for a movie that was five years in the making, and now that baby is gone. I’m really happy and proud and ready to move onto the next phase.
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Halle Bailey: Ariel is just the beginning
Yeah, Halle Bailey did the whole mermaid thing. And reached a new level of stardom while she was at it. But the really exciting stuff starts now.
Saffron Hocking on what makes someone a Londoner
'It's just like an attitude, isn't it'. Saffron Hocking tells us what she thinks makes someone a Londoner and how they are different from other countries.
Saffron Hocking reveals her your love language
'This is a tricky one', says Saffron Hocking as she explains her complex love language.
Saffron Hocking on a fashion trend she thought would never come back, but did
Actress Saffron Hocking reveals a fashion trend she's very happy to see that it's back, and we couldn't agree more!
Saffron Hocking: Behind The Scenes Cover Shoot
Go behind the scenes with actress Saffron Hocking for her Cosmopolitan UK cover shoot.
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Introducing our new digital cover star, Saffron Hocking!
Rising star Saffron Hocking is more than just a bubbly actress. She is a passionate advocate for Women's Rights Refuge, a specialist service to survivors of domestic abuse. Follow the link to read the full story and find out more about her
Do you know the Irish slang for snog? Well now you do!
Do you know the difference between a 'shift' and the 'jacks'? Do not fear - Niall Horan is here 😘🚽
Niall Horan is not that mad into his accent...
Niall Horan reveals what goes into an Irish heartthrob.
Niall Horan reveals his secret hangover cure
Niall Horan reveals his favourite flavour of Tayto crisp and the ultimate hangover cure.
Niall Horan's favourite ever St Patrick's Day
Performing for the President... not a bad way to spend St Patrick's Day hey!
Say hello to your young Lady Danbury Agatha Danbury, Lady Danbury, Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story, Female Image, Character Bank, John Boyega, Black Lives Matter Protest, Production Studio, Queen Charlotte
Arsema Thomas on becoming Lady Danbury in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
Say hello to your young Lady Danbury
Niall Horan on love languages, replying to fans and his nice guy reputation
Come behind the scenes on our cover shoot with Niall Horan! Three years after his last release, the 29-year-old singer has jumped feet first into the spotlight to promote third album The Show.
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Cover star Raye on leaving her record label and her new album
She's written for Beyoncé, had multiple Top 10 singles and was signed to one of the world's biggest record labels. But for seven long years, she wasn't allowed to release an album. Why? This is Raye's story...