Diwali Diyas

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a paper pinwheel with lights around it
How to make Paper Lantern
Hey .... today i am sharing this super easy paper lantern... #carftsxpress #paperlantern #chineeslantern
a piece of art that looks like a watermelon with a leaf on top
Paper diya for diwali decoration
Easy paper diya for diwali decoration
Heyyy.....this time a new and easy paper diya for you , I hope you like it... #craftsxpress #diwalidecorations
a paper diya is sitting on top of a table
6 Beautiful Paper Diya Making At Home| Diwali decoration ideas| Diya making by paper |DIY paper Diya
Hi, I am sharing these cute paper diyas with you for this upcoming festive season. #craftsxpress #paperdiya #diwalidecoration