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How to Sell an Online Course When You Have a Small Audience
“I don’t have a large enough audience to create and sell an online course!” This is a statement we hear far too often that stops creatives right in their tracks. So we thought we’d share what we’d do if we had to start from scratch. Here’s how to sell an online course when you have a small audience.
What are "Master Resell Rights"
Have you heard of Master Resell Rights? The idea is you buy the rights to resell a course, along with the actual course. The course may cost you $500 but * in theory * you can make that back after you sell it to one person So, what makes this something you should be wary about? It’s not actually helping you educate yourself & grow a following, it’s just a way for you to sell a course for the purpose of selling the course. This mimics the MLM (multi-level marketing) style of selling, where the emphasis is on the SELLING and not on the EDUCATING, or ENHANCEMENT of your audiences’ lives. So what should you do instead of MRR? Make your own course! Choose something you are passionate about and educated on. Then focus your efforts on making a course that can help a specific audience.
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How to Boost Conversions on Your Launch Content Marketing Plan
If you’re a course creator or coach who’s relaunching an offer, it can be tempting to simply schedule out the same content again. But if you want to learn how to plan a launch that gets even better results, here are 7 simple tweaks you can make to your launch content strategy and launch plan to increase sales of your online course or digital product!
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How to Plan Your Course Launch Strategy for 2024 | Launch Plan + Marketing Content Planning
Launching an online course in 2024? Use this launch strategy guide to create your online course launch plan for the whole year! Swipe this signature marketing plan to boost enrolment in your online course this year with profitable and strategic launch content ideas to fill your marketing content calendar with launch content for the entire year!
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3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Create Your First Online Course
Thinking of creating an online course? Learn from my digital course creation mistakes and avoid these three online course creation mistakes. Read the post for more online course tips and how to create the best digital course!
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Course Creation: A Step by Step Guide - Jenna Kutcher
Have you ever considered turning the knowledge you already possess into a course to teach others? Jenna Kutcher will guide you through where to get started, how to pick the right topic, what platforms and tech you will need along the way, how to write your curriculum, pricing and promoting yoru course and setting yourself up for future success. Check out this step by step guide to course creation to learn how this can be possible in your own business.
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Validate Your Online Course Idea in 3 Simple Steps
Find out an easy three-step process to validate an online course idea and a list of tools that help you determine the potential of your course idea. Passive Income ⎮Launch your Online Course ⎮Learnworld Online Courses Platform
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Launch Secrets from Marketing & Visibility Expert Madison Tinder
In this episode of the Expert Status podcast, marketing and visibility expert Madison Tinder shares her ultimate launch strategy to help female entrepreneurs sell out their offers behind the scenes. From pre-launch content planning to social media engagement strategy, these launch marketing ideas will help you sell your course, mastermind, or service before you even live launch!
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Make money while your DREAM!! Ready to quit the 9-5?
Do you want to quit your 9-5? Want to share your passion with the world while earning a sustainable income? Building a course can be the answer you've been looking for! Once you've created your course, you can continue to earn income from it without having to actively work on it. #passiveincome #course #coursecreation #createacourse #createyourcourse #howtocreateacourse #workfromhome #income #marketing #femaleboss #betheboss #entrepreneurs #marketingideas #marketingstrategies