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What "just getting coffee" really means to a content creator
Rookie mistake, I’m a content creator so there will almost always be photos snapped. 🙈
How I batch 7 days of content in 3-4 hours
How I batch 7 days of content in 3-4 hours 1️⃣ Check to see if I need to promote anything on social next week. If not, do a normal week of content which covers all my content pillars 2️⃣ Look at our list of all current trends & video ideas. You can easily spend 15 mins a day finding trends & adding them to your spreadsheet by scrolling IG/TikTok or using a platform like TrendTok 3️⃣ Make a list in my Notes app of the videos I want to create for next week today 4️⃣ Get ready & shoot all the content 5️⃣ Spend about an hour editing all videos & save back-ups to my camera roll just in case. Short voiceover videos take 5 mins to edit, but the montage videos take much longer 6️⃣ Write my captions then paste them into IG so they’re ready to go the following week É voila!
Camera roll of a content creator
Cameras, cameras, and more cameras. 📸 What does your camera roll look like and is it as unorganized as mine?? 🙈
What to do if TikTok is banned
There’s another potential TikTok ban in the air and while we don’t think TikTok will really be banned in the US, you really can’t rule it out as a possibility. It’s unlikely. But leaving your future and earning potential in the hands of a platform you don’t control is like building a business plan with luck in mind. And in the worst-case scenario, here are a couple of tips to ensure your survival: 1️⃣ Build a platform you are 100% in control of — so you’re safe from algorithm updates or unannounced maintenance. 2️⃣ Diversify your income and don’t put all your eggs in one basket — so you won’t have to worry about where your next paycheck comes from. 3️⃣ Create a direct line of communication with the audience you work so hard to build — so you can reach your people when you want to.
Knowing When to Rebrand and Pivot on Instagram
Is it Time for a Change? Learn when to Rebrand and Pivot on Instagram! 🔄 Click to dscover key insights and strategies for navigating the rebranding and pivoting process on Instagram. 🌟 From recognizing market trends to understanding audience feedback, this post & podcast episode will help you make informed decisions. 💡 Don't miss out on the opportunity to refresh your brand and stay ahead of the curve.
Subject Lines to use when pitching to work with brands
"So you want to work with brands? If you’re cold-emailing brands, you need to be methodical about every part, starting with the subject line. Here are a few you can use and play around with! Looking for more content creator tips? 👀 you’ve come to the right place! Follow us and every week you will see: 👉 news from the creator economy 👉 ways to improve your bio 👉 reels you can recreate 👉 trending audios to use 👉 strategies that are currently working in our community AND SO MUCH MORE!!"
the ultimate guide to repurposing content and saving time as a content creator
🌟 Fun & Easy Repurposing: Unleash Your Content Creativity! 🎉
Say goodbye to content overwhelm and hello to endless repurposing possibilities! 😄 Discover the magic of content repurposing with Christina Galbato's Ultimate Guide and start saving time, money, and effort while keeping your audience engaged! 🎯
A Week of Valentine's Social Media Content
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so let’s start incorporating it into your content! 💕 Here are a week’s worth of ideas you can use to stay topical in February.