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a man wearing a scarf with an interesting hat and tie around his neck is looking at the camera
I'm so grateful for the incredible opportunities that my divergent career has offered me thus far. These are the 10 lessons learned that helped me survive (and thrive) as I strive to create a body of work that will make an impact.
a chalkboard with the words, how do you think about the 2 / 4 minds?
The 2% Mindset; Which percentage do you fit into?
a diagram with the words how to be productive written in different colors and symbols
How To Be Productive When You Have A Lot Of Distractions [Chart] | Bit Rebels
How To Be Productive (a visual guide by Anna Vital)
a black and white poster with the words in different languages
1. Designers are meant to be loved not to be understood.
an illustration with the words, sayings and phrases in different languages
Unstuck Advice — How to spark creativity when you’re feeling...
Dealing with a creative block? #Unstuck
a wheel diagram with the words how inspiration happens or not
Unstuck Advice — Inspiration: How to find it, what to do with it
How Inspiration Happens #99U #Unstuck #Diagram
5 ways travel can help overcome a negative mindset (What I learned on my summer vacation...) #Unstuck #99u Negative Mindset, Free Advice, Sweet Escape, Personal Journey, Show Us
5 ways travel can help overcome a negative mindset (What I learned on my summer vacation...) #Unstuck #99u
an info poster with different colors and numbers
DesignTAXI Community: Creative Connections, Conversations and Collaborations
Adobe's study on the global creativity gap. How would you define your own level of creativity?
a poster with the words what could do and how to use it in different languages
What would you do with an extra 2 hours a day?
a poster with the words do more than what you're told to do 2 try new things 3 teach others about what you know
Rules Of A Creator's Life ; A colleague/friend sent me this because she said it reminded her of me. Flattering...I like to think that this list does in fact represent me.