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a drawing of a rooster holding a cell phone next to headphones and an ipod
Good morning! Anyone listened to the CreativeMornings podcast episodes yet? They're remarkable and inspiring talks from hometown heroes to design legends to community leaders... Listen to today's episode (No.6 with Lulu Miller) to hear how I snuck my way into this episode. #podcastCM
someone is drawing a birthday card with coffee cups and confetti on the table
You know something is truly phenomenal when you can't picture the world without it. Happy 7th Birthday @creativemorning ! It's time to take out the Chapter-icon confetti! With Love From, @montrealcm & The CM Family
a piece of paper with a drawing of a man's face next to a building
Stefano Di Lollo on CreativeMornings
Creative Mornings | Live Sketching Session by Stefano Di Lollo | #April2015 #MTLCM #JustinKingsley
an ink drawing of a man riding a horse with blue paint splattered on it
Stefano Di Lollo on CreativeMornings
Along with Springtime comes another #CreativeMornings lecture! The global theme this month is #INK. #MTLCM
a drawing of two birds sitting next to each other on top of a paper with a pencil in it
“Nous sommes excités de partager avec vous une superbe illustration que Stefano Dilollo a fait sur notre thème du mois #LAIDEUR. Vous pouvez le suivre ici…”