Thread Painting Embroidery

Also known as silk shading or needle painting, thread painting embroidery uses the long and short stitch to blend colors of thread together. Here we gather the best patterns and tutorials to help you learn how to thread paint. Learn more at
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a close up of a bird on a piece of cloth
Hen Embroidery Work In Progress
A look into the process of creating this cute red chicken embroidery design.
a person holding up a cross - stitch with two chickens on it's side
Chicken Embroidery Design and PDF Pattern
Stitch some red hens with this fun chicken embroidery design. The pattern comes with a traceable design and highly detailed instructions to complete the embroidery.
Embroidered Dog Pet Portrait
Check out this blog post to learn how to embroider pet portraits. It goes over embroidery stitches to know, supplies that you should use, and how to plan and create an embroidery design.
Basics Of Thread Painting
The long and short stitch is the basic stitch that is used for thread painting, which looks similar to painting. You can achieve realistic looking embroideries with thiis stitch. Learn how to do this stitch in this video and click the link to learn even more about painting with thread!
a close up of a small embroidered animal
Chipmunks in Love Thread Painting Pattern Cute Animals Inside Floral Heart Embroidery Design Woodlan
Chipmunks in Love Thread Painting Pattern Cute Animals Inside Floral Heart Embroidery Design Woodland Animals, Cottagecore Mushrooms
the cover of how to embroider realistic eyes with pictures of different types of animals
How To Embroider Realistic Eyes (For Animals And Humans)
Whether you’re looking to embroider the eyes of a stuffed animal or an embroidery of a human eye, this comprehensive tutorial will show you how to embroider realistic looking eyes in no time.
the process of drawing an eye with colored pencils on fabric, and then stitching
How To Embroider Realistic Eyes (For Animals And Humans)
how to embroider a realistic human eye
How To Embroider Pet Portraits
If you've ever wondered how to embroider pet portraits, this post will go over some basic tips and recommendations to help you get started!
How To Embroider Fur - Stitching A Cat Ear
This is a sneak peek of embroidering a cat ear. Click the linked post to see more information about embroidering animal fur!
How To Embroider Animals
Learn how to embroider animals in this helpful tutorial. Animal fur is easy to stitch using the long and short stitch, which is the fundamental stitched used in thread painting. Click the link to view the post.
Thread Painting A Bird
This is the process of embroidering a bird using the thread painting technique. This design is available as a PDF pattern, so if you'd like to make it yourself you can! You don't need any experience with thread painting, however some embroidery experience is helpful.
How To Embroider Pet Portraits
Learn everything you need to know about embroidering pet portraits. From supplies to the techniques that are helpful to learn, this post is a wealth of information!