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woman in white t-shirt, black crochet vest, and red skater skirt Summer, New Fashion, Fashion, Outfits, Summer Outfits, Cool Summer Outfits, Summer Trends, Beach Day
Summer Trends We're Excited About
Summer is quickly approaching with its warm weather and beach days. It’s the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe with summer trends. Our stores are a great place to start your shopping, and our team of fashion experts is always on the lookout for the best summer outfit inspo. We asked the team at Crossroads Santa Cruz which trends they’re most excited to find this summer, and here’s what they had to say!
A colorful clothing rack marked with a Pride sign Regional, Instagram, Festivals, Pop, Shops, Giveaways, Local Festivals, Fun Events
Get Inspired: Pride Looks
We have Pride looks waiting for you in our stores! With so many fun events planned in our store neighborhoods, we’re here to help you get Pride-ready. When you visit one of our stores, look out for special racks inspired by Pride. You can also peek into our stores remotely by following our regional Instagram feeds and catching the local-to-you pieces we think you’ll love celebrating in. You’ll even hear about our upcoming store events and giveaways, including pop-up shops at local festivals.
fashion buyer in a Crossroads store Clothing, Clothes, Sell My Clothes, Selling Clothes, Buy And Sell, Buy Sell Trade, Things To Sell, To Sell, Sold
Where Can I Sell My Clothes for Cash
When you ask, “Where can I sell my clothes for cash?” we know you’re looking to get cash into your hands as fast as possible. That’s why a brick and mortar buy-sell-trade fashion store should top your list! For example, at Crossroads Trading stores, you can stop into any of our locations (no appointment necessary!) and add your name to our selling waitlist. [PRO TIP: use the Crossroads waitlist app to add your name remotely from home]. Click through to learn more.
woman wearing an oversized denim shirt, white t-shirt, and jeans Shirts, Denim, Inspiration, Jeans, Denim Shirt, Shirt
Double Down with a Denim Shirt
[Photo via IG: @viaemmajang]. A denim shirt is a year-round staple in our closets, alongside our favorite pair of perfectly worn-in jeans. We’re guessing you’re the same. So why not double-down on denim and wear two denim pieces together? This foundational pairing allows you to put all the focus on your accessories, or keep your look simple but polished. Both are easy fashion wins! Click through to see some of the outfits that made it to our style inspiration boards from Instagram.
woman taking selfie in mirror, wearing a white tee and off-white pair of puddle jeans Trainers, Shoes, Clogs, How To Wear, Shoe, Style
What Are Puddle Jeans?
[Photo via IG: @pocketsandstripes]. Puddle jeans are trending this season, but what are they exactly? Simply put, they’re jeans that “puddle” at the hemline around your feet! To get the length just right, you’ll need to consider your most-likely shoe choice, because sometimes the length perfectly “puddles” with sneakers, while other pairs require a higher heel like your favorite wedges or clogs. Click through to see some of the looks that caught our eye on Instagram.
woman smiling at the camera
Summer Jobs in Fashion Resale
There’s something special about summer jobs, those seasonal roles we take when we’re on break from school or home for the summer months. If your love of fashion is only matched by your love of thrifting and sustainability, then Crossroads may be the perfect choice for you. Check out our open summer jobs and all the benefits we’re offering. This is your season to shine on our team!
woman taking selfie in tan tank top and tropical print wide-leg pants
Summer Style: The Tropical Print
[Photo via IG: @stylebyassitan]. With summer in view, the tropical print is making its long-awaited seasonal debut. No other print quite captures our visions of sunny vacations and weekend visits to our favorite beach towns. Without a doubt, the print is most expected on a classic button-up shirt, but it also makes waves on flowy trousers, frilly blouses, and bold matching sets. Don’t shy away from this print! Let us show you how to style it.
woman in soccer jersey and white cotton skirt Sporty, Style Guides, Trends, Carry On, Bag
Sporty Classic 101: Explaining the Trend
With spring upon us and summer fast approaching, so also comes the renewal of our style guide, and with it, trends we’re predicting will carry us through the incoming heat like a Crossroads reusable tote bag. Starting with perhaps the most prevalent trend at the moment, we have sporty classic. See the pieces you need to complete this look!
Rack of clothing marked as retro picks
Sell "Old" Clothes for New-to-You Pieces
It’s time to sell “old” clothes you no longer love to your favorite fashion resale stores and use your earned cash or store credit for new-to-you pieces. That’s exactly the magic of what we do at Crossroads! In our stores across the U.S., you can sell, shop, and repeat to your heart’s content, knowing that you’re shopping sustainably and keeping clothes out of landfill. We have a way for you to turn them into cash or store credit for secondhand pieces that are “new-to-you.”
woman in gold metallic jeans, white tee, and striped cardigan Dresses, Metallic Jeans, Outfit Base, T Shirt, Silver, Copper, Gold Silver, Gold
Trending: Metallic Jeans
[Photo via IG: @taylorjannotte]. We’re into metallics again this season, and metallic jeans show off the trend best (although we do love the trend in dresses and shoes too). Surprisingly, there are so many hues to choose from, like gold, silver, copper, and bronze. Choose your favorite sheen and make it your outfit base neutral. You’ll notice from the looks we chose that it doesn’t take more than a t-shirt or button-down to complete the look. See more looks!
Person putting clothing into a Sell by Mail bag Wardrobes, Spring Cleaning, Selling Used Clothes, Thrifting, Closet, Paper Shopping Bag
Where Can I Sell Used Clothes for Money
A very common question is, where can I sell used clothes for money? We understand the feeling. Sometimes, you just want to clean out your closet and turn preloved pieces into cash. You can always count on Crossroads stores for selling your clothes, but did you know we have another solution if you don’t live near one of our stores (or don’t have the time to visit)? It’s called Sell by Mail, and it’s free to get started.
woman wearing lace up top and maxi skirt Tops, Lace, Lace Up, How To Style
Styling a Lace Up Top
A lace up top may sound like a tricky fashion piece to style, but we find that they’re so pretty they stand out on their own. That means you can wear them with everyday items you have in your closet. Just look at what we paired them with!
Crossroads storefront Apps, Sell Your Clothes Online, Store, Online Clothing, Blog, Purchase, Ebay, Preloved
Stores That Buy Used Clothes
There are very few stores that buy used clothes. You can try selling your clothes online through sites like eBay or try one of the many peer-to-peer apps that require you to negotiate with a stranger. But to just walk into a store and ask a buyer to purchase your gently used preloved clothing? So you can walk out that day with cash in hand? Not so easy. That’s why you need to know about buy-sell-trade fashion retailers like Crossroads.
person in denim shirt with loose fitting tan shorts Rugby, Polo, Shorts
We're Wearing: Loose Fitting Shorts
[Photo via IG: @mahyunmi]. Loose fitting shorts are already finding their way into our wardrobes this season. It doesn’t take too many sunny days for us to declare it’s warm enough to wear them (even when the weather isn’t quite there yet). These summer essentials appear in our current selling guide and are just waiting to be worn with polo shorts or rugby shirts for a sporty classic look (another one of the styles we highlighted in our current selling guide). See how to style them.
retail employee standing next to a rack of clothing Cool Style, Design, Designers, People, Fashion Jobs, Best Fashion, Career
The Best Fashion Jobs to Kick Off Your Career
Fashion jobs cover a lot of territory, from designers to corporate buyers to marketers. When you’re just getting started though, most people dip their toe in the fashion industry by working in a retail store. We agree that this is the best place to get started! Learn what it is!