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an old stone church with a cross on top
Os 7 edifícios mais estranhos de Portugal
Capela de Nossa Senhora da Lapa, Soutelo,Vieira do Minho..
the top ten things to see in this info sheet, including an image of some buildings and
Check our top 10 Lisbon attractions, from UNESCO World Heritage sites to world-class museums, and get ready for a great holiday.
an aerial view of the golden gate bridge and statue in san francisco, calif
Recap of Lisboa, Portugal
Esta estatua en Lisboa, Portugal es muy similar a la famosa estatua de Jesús ubicada en Río de Janeiro, Brasil. También tienen un puente que se ve muy similar a la del Golden Gate ... interesante
a small white building sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with waves coming in
Portugal, Cidadania Portuguesa
Capela do Senhor da Pedra - Praia de Miramar, Portugal. (Source: Portugal, Cidadania Portuguesa via Joana Gerber - Obrigado tia!)
an old castle on the edge of a cliff by the ocean with clear blue water
Fort of São João Baptista, Berlenga island, Peniche, Portugal
several people are standing on the steps leading up to a statue that looks like jesus
Our Lady's Shine at Estrela Mountain - Portugal
there is a large rock in the middle of this field with two small puddles
Celorico da Beira, Serra da Estrela, Portugal
some rocks and stairs on the side of a mountain
Nossa Senhora da Boa Estrela, Serra da Estrela Portugal. Hidden in the mountains and deep cliffs in the midst of rock, a glimpse of faith Our Lady of the Good Star. Beautiful carvings in the rocks.
an artistic photograph of a fountain in front of a castle
Escadório do Bom Jesus
Braga’s Monuments (Portugal). 'Portugal’s third-largest city is blessed with terrific restaurants, a vibrant university and raucous festivals, but when it comes to historic sites it is unparalleled in Portugal. Here’s the remarkable 12th-century cathedral, there’s a 14thcentury church. Braga has not one, but two sets of Roman ruins, and an 18th-century palace turned museum. Then there’s Escadaria do Bom Jesus.' www.lonelyplanet....
a fountain with a statue in front of a castle like building on top of a hill
the great wall of china is built on top of a mountain with green trees and bushes
Castle of Moors, Sintra, Lisbon Region, Portugal- I've actually gone here! and it really is beautifully mysterious.
many people are standing in front of a large building
Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, Santiago de Compostela, Galice, Galicia, Espagne, Spain 48 la Cathédrale
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in North-western Spain. Tradition says that the remains of the apostle Saint James are buried here. The way of Saint James has existed for over a thousand years. It was one of the the most important Christian pilgrimages during medieval times together with Rome and Jerusalem.
an aerial view of a castle in the middle of trees and mountains with blue sky
22 Best Things To Do In Barcelona, Spain
22 Sights You Have To See When You Visit Barcelona, Spain... - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food & Photography Blog
an upside down view of some buildings in the middle of a city with lots of windows
To Feed or Not To Feed
La pedrera é mais uma das muitas obras do legado de Gaudí, construído para ser um prédio residencial foi considerada uma obra extravagante e excêntrica...Um luxo só...
the world's most famous cities infographicly displayed on a blackboard with yellow and
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