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two dogs are sitting in their kennels on the floor next to a lamp
Custom Wood Dog Kennels
Pet Furniture can be functional and beautiful. No need to hide wire kennels in your house anymore!
a dog is sitting in his kennel at the end of the room with its door open
Friday Favorites: Wood Block Floor and a Beautiful Dog Kennel (yes, I said dog kennel!)
WOW....this the Best DOG CRATE idea we have ever seen! Love this! What do you think? via B&B Kustom Kennels
a dog paw with the words when i need a hand, i found your paw
Silhouette Design Store
I think I’m in love with this design from the Silhouette Design Store!
two dog beds with pillows on them and one has a stuffed animal in the middle
Casinhas e caminhas para cães e gatos
Pretty easy to make. Just stuff four side panels, attach ties, and add a cushion for the bottom. The material needs to be + shaped
the items needed to use for dog grooming are shown in this collage with text overlay
13 Must-Have Items For Your Pet First-Aid Kit - The Everyday Dog Mom
13 Must-Have Items For Your Pet First-Aid Kit |
My Secret Weapon that Picks Up More Dog Hair | Teal and Lime | Bloglovin’ Dog Hair, Dog Hacks, Up Dog, Cleaning Hacks
My Secret Weapon that Picks Up More Dog Hair (Teal and Lime)
My Secret Weapon that Picks Up More Dog Hair | Teal and Lime | Bloglovin’
Chihuahua with a Heart Pendant w/ Necklace
NameBright - Domain Expired
Chihuahua with a Heart Pendant w/ Necklace
homemade pumpkin spice cookies in muffin tins on a checkered tablecloth with text overlay
Give Your Pups Some Lovin’ With These Tasty Homemade Pupcakes!
We love our furry family members so much, we can’t help but spoil them with fresh and healthy treats that they devour in seconds…plus, we simply can’t get enough of those little paw prints! Our dogs love this recipe (and we love it for it’s fresh simplicity), but combined with this muffin tin, these pupcakes really couldn’t get any better!
a blue and white tile bench sitting in front of a wooden building with a dog bar sign above it
Top 20 Brilliant DIY Backyard Projects and Tips for Your Pets
Pets bring too much fun to our life and have become a very important member of our family. So you should be kind to your pets but not just let them alone in the yard or the corner indoors when you don’t need them. They should have a small world of their own, such as […]
a baby's room is decorated in black and white
The ultimate dog room. <3
Dog & Cat Articles with Advice from Pet Experts | Purina US
Petcentric, sponsored by Purina, is your trusted source for helpful facts and fun pet tips for your furry friend. This DIY cat brush project will leave your kitten feline fine! Grooming your cute kitty is healthy for her coat and promotes bonding. Plus, it reduces hairballs and shedding while helping to spread natural oils over your munchkin's coat. All you need is a brush, some double sided tape and a stable surface to attach it to. Visit for more cat help, training and humor...
an image of a dog's room with the words 10 simple ideas for organizing pet supplies
19 Amazing Dream Playrooms
19 Amazing Dream Playrooms | How Does She
an empty hallway with white doors and hard wood flooring on either side of the door
half door tutorial
Dutch or Split Door Tutorial Using a Hollow Core Door..step by step instructions. PERFECT for dogs and toddlers! ;)