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Holocaust History

Photos and artifacts from our archives that document the tragedy of the Holocaust. Many of these items come from survivors who settled in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Hilter Youth membership card, 1934.


Early issues of Der Sturmer.


Herbert Kohn on his first day of school in Frankfurt am-Main, 1932. Herbert and his immediate family later escaped Nazi Germany through way of England.

postcard sent from the Warsaw ghetto in November, 1941. The ghetto was liquidated the following summer. This comes from the Fred Glusman Family Papers.

Passport of Leo Kohn who was arrested on Kristallnacht and sent to Buchenwald concentration camp. When a S.S. officer discovered a letter from President Hindenburg to Leo thanking him for his service in World War I and his accompanying Iron Cross, he was released from the camp. Soon after, the family immigrated to the United States through England.

Postcard from Isak Rosenbaum to his wife Rosalie sent from Dachau concentration camp soon after his incarceration on Kristallnacht, Nov. 1938. Isak was one of the lucky few who were released from the camp. He immigrated to Palestine in 1939.

Internal Nazi document referring to Kristallnacht, November 1938.

Entrance to Auschwitz, January 1945.

Benjamin Hirsch, Holocaust survivor and renowned Atlanta architect, on the occasion of his Bar-Mitzvah, 1942.

The Breman Museum exhibit, "Absence of Humanity: The Holocaust Years, 1933-1945," which is on permanent display and designed by Holocaust survivor, Benjamin Hirsch.