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Gense Cutlery

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Gense, established in Sweden in 1856, is one of Scandinavia’s largest producers of stainless steel cutlery. The company now has a history, culture and a tradition of making high quality cutlery. Throughout the world, Gense is recognised as one of the largest suppliers and making the highest quality cutlery, both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Dorotea Night by Gense is a fantastic new twist on the traditional Dorotea Classic. Designed by Monica Förster, is the original’s darker and more sinister twin. Like the original, it is a functional pattern that is shaped to fit comfortably in the hand while looking great. Bringing style, class and now a dark side to your place settings, Dorotea Night is an elegant cutlery set that you can use for any occasion.

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Fuga cutlery set by Gense is a classic Scandinavian design. Designed by Tias Eckhoff, Fuga is a perfect all-round cutlery pattern. It is both functional and comfortable to hold with its lightly brushed handles. It also casts a beautiful silhouette of the table with its soft rounded shapes. Fuga cutlery is a timeless pattern that can be used to impress dinner guests and be enjoyed day after day.

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Nobel by Gense is the cutlery series produced to mark the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize, specially for the famous Nobel Banquet. The dinner service reflects Swedish design and culture, simple yet intelligently sophisticated. Nobel is a cutlery pattern with a story – one that is perfect for any occasion.

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Gense Twist cutlery designed by Gense in 191212 is for people with modern taste. Twist is no classic cutlery pattern but a trendy and sleek design. The captivating and decorative twist and turn of the handle is a trademark of Twist cutlery. This stylish decoration addss intrigue to the table as well as being balanced to fit comfortably in the hand. Twist cutlery is perfect for the modern table, either for day-to-day use or for special occasions.

Steel Line by Gense is characterised by soft, continuous curves and smooth surfaces. Launched in 1970, Steel line remains one of the most elegant cutlery series. Created by Henning Seidelin, Steel line is a functional product so is great for everyday use. Despite its simplicity of design Steel Line is also perfect for sophisticated dinners and special occasions.

Pantry cutlery by Gense is perhaps the most famous cutlery in Scandinavia. Distinctive with the circular “eye” and reminiscent of an anchor, gives the pattern a nautical style, often being referred to as “Sailors Cutlery.” The cutlery can be hung up on a stand that would prevent it sliding around a drawer while at sea, or keep it tidy in a modern home. Pantry is both stylish and practical. Perfect cutlery for the modern home, both on dry land and at sea.

Old Farmer, designed by Bent Severin in 1970, is made of the highest quality materials. This cutlery is a classic Swedish design, but recognisable across the globe. The high quality steel blades are perfect for cutting meats, especially steak and the lacquered wooden handles give a secure and firm grip. Old Farmer is packaged in a rustic wooden box for storage. Essential cutlery for any steak enthusiast.

Focus de Luxe by Gense is a retro-classic design from 1955. Designed by Folke Aström, this award winning cutlery has been the favorite of both royalty and superstars since its introduction. Grace Kelly was reported to have bought Focus de Luxe during a visit to Stockholm in the 50s. “One of the best designed products in modern time,” Focus de Luxe is both functional and a timeless classic.

Dorotea by Gense is a modern classic. Designed by the international designer Monica Förster, Dorotea brings balance and harmony to the table. Dorotea is a functional pattern that is shaped to fit comfortably in the hand while looking great. Bringing style and class to your place settings, Dorotea is an elegant cutlery set that you can use for any occasion.

Appetize cutlery from Gense has an innovative and attractive design. Inspired by the shape Japanese tea leaves, Appetize’ distinctive silhouette is the trademark of this pattern. Appetize is a neo-modern pattern that brings swank and sophistication to the table. Impress your guest at dinner or improve your culinary experience on an everyday basis with the award winning Appetize by Gense.