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Sola Cutlery

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Sola was founded in 1922 by M.J. Gerritsen. For generations the Sola brand has been synonymous for cutlery which has excellent aesthetics and durable quality. This family-oriented company is manufacturing cutlery and distributing its products throughout the world. Sola products are used in various sectors of the hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise-lines and others.

Similar to the traditional Baguette cutlery seen in Italy and France, Hollands Glad cutlery by Sola is a classic cutlery pattern. The Glad or “smooth” cutlery is designed in the traditional dutch way and finished with flat handles. The cutlery pattern originated in the 19th century when aluminum cutlery had become costly and rare. Hollands Glad is a timeless design.


Sola Windsor cutlery offers a wonderful contrast between modern and classic. Similarly, the cutlery is both perfect for a modern table setting at a chic dinner party or a classic family banquet at Christmas. Timeless and elegant as well as functional. Buy now and receive free shipping on all our Sola products.

Privilege cutlery from Sola is a slender and stylish design. This modern and elegant cutlery pattern is well balanced and fits nicely into the hand. Buy now and receive free shipping on all our Sola products.

Sola Palermo cutlery is a very familiar cutlery pattern. Its elegant and beautiful landscaped neck tapers slightly from the handle to form a comfortable yet delicate grip in the hand. Buy now and receive free shipping on all our Sola products.

Sola Montreux cutlery is a very practical set of cutlery. Simple shapes with a sleek appearance ensure that the cutlery perfectly blends with any table setting.

Montreal is a simple and sleek design. The cutlery casts an interesting silhouette on the table, due to the knife standing up on its side and the spoons head being narrower than is traditional. This allows for an exceedingly elegant and modern impression. We offer FREE DELIVERY on all our Sola products.

Sola Lotus cutlery is a very popular and luxurious cutlery. The cutlery has a smooth, thin shape that makes it very elegant and pleasant to the eye. The knife can be laid on the table in two different ways, giving it a dynamism to your table setting. A very elegant but playful cutlery.

Sola Livorno cutlery is a beautifully shaped yet sturdy and functional cutlery. The cutlery is comfortable in the hand and looks great on the table. Perfect for enjoying a meal with friends and family. Buy now and receive free shipping on all our Sola products.

Sola Durban cutlery is a very fine pattern. The cutlery brings a subtle playfulness to the table setting with the upturned handles. The cutlery is perfect for every special occasion and everyday use.

Sola Capri cutlery has a modern design but also fits with a classic table setting. The sharp angles contrast beautifully with the tapering edges of the silhouette. Capri is a classy cutlery set and is perfect for special occasions or improving your everyday dining experience.