Dansani Match & XXL

Dansani Showers. Including series Match and XXL
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a bathroom with pink walls and flooring, including a walk in shower next to a sink
Dansani Match
Experience modern luxury in your bathroom design with a sleek glass shower boasting matt black profiles and faucets. Complete with a tower shelf against a beautifully tiled and vibrant background.
an open door to a bathroom with wooden slats on the wall and black handles
Dansani Match
Indulge in modern luxury with a sleek glass shower featuring matt black or stainless steel profiles and faucets, plus a special tower shelf for all your shower essentials
a bathroom with a walk in shower next to a towel rack
Dansani Match
Seeking modern bathroom ideas? Try a shower with rounded glass doors and matte black-profiled fittings. Complete the look with matching faucets and a heated towel rail.
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and shower stall
Dansani Luna / Match
Enjoy a sleek and earthy design in your small bathroom. A black vanity featuring a white solid surface countertop with twin washbasins. Enhanced by matte black-profiled faucets, lamps and shower.
a bathroom with a glass shower door next to a bathtub and toilet in front of a window
Dansani Mido+
Grey pine bathroom furniture. A dark grey wooden vanity with a white washbasin, an illuminated mirror, a tall matching cabinet for extra storage, and a timeless glass shower. A beautiful and modern bathroom design.
a bathroom with wooden flooring and white walls, along with a walk in shower
Dansani YOU
White bathroom furniture. A white vanity with a light @silestone worktop and a free-standing washbasin. An illuminated mirror, pendant lamps, and a gold-accented shower. A light and airy bathroom design that combines rusticity and elegance perfectly.
a large bathroom with two sinks and a walk in shower next to a white toilet
Dansani Luna
White-coloured bathroom furniture. A white vanity with a black worktop and two white free-standing washbasins, built-in illuminated mirror cabinets and a black-accented shower. Utilize the space in any bathroom design, with the smart countertop basins and built-in mirror cabinets.
a bathroom with white marble walls and black cabinets
Dansani Luna
Black-coloured wooden bathroom furniture. A black wooden vanity with an assymetrical solid surface washbasin and worktop and golden handles. An illuminated mirror, matching cabinet for extra storage and a shower with gold-coloured faucets. Enjoy the luxury of an elegant and airy bathroom design.
there are two pictures of a bathroom with mirrors and lights on the wall above the sink
Dansani Luna
Green-coloured bathroom furniture. A customised vanity in bespoke green colour with a matt white worktop and dual basins. Illuminated mirrors, open shelves, a shower with black accents, a heated towel rail and a large cabinet for extra storage. Enjoy the serenity of natural colours in your bathroom.
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use in the day time, as well as on the night
Dansani Calidris
Dark brown oak veneer bathroom furniture. A dark brown vanity with a dark @silestone washbasin, illuminated mirror cabinets, matching cabinets, and a black profiled shower. All cabinets have downlighting, which can be controlled with a single remote.
a bathroom with a shower, sink and mirror
Dansani Match
Very practical choice for the small room as the bifold door opens inward into the wet area.
a bathroom with a walk in shower next to a white sink and wooden drawers on the wall
Dansani Match
Classic and simple wetroom walk in shower enclosure with wall support.
three views of a shower with glass doors
Dansani Match
Dansani Match enclosure with two curved shower doors. The doors open both in and out freeing up valuable space when not in use.
four different views of a bathroom with white walls and flooring, including a walk in shower
Dansani Match
Shower enclosure with two bifold doors. Ideal for very small rooms where space is at a premium.