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a hand holding a white flower with yellow stamen in it's center, on a gray background
white and red flowers are blooming in the garden
Foxgloves camelot cream
some white flowers are in a vase on a table and one has long green stems
a pink and white flower with green leaves
Photos On Hermosas Flores - Beautiful Flowers 11D
a person holding a white rose in their hand with the petals still attached to it
FLORALS AND FIKA Wedding Florist Bowral
a white rose being held by someone's hand on a gray background with green leaves
Princess Miyuki - she's just so beautiful 😍 (photo by @parfum_flower_company, via @princessgardenroses) #princessmiyukirose #princessgardenroses #japanesegardenroses #gardenroses #rose #flowers #flower #roses #loveroses
a white vase filled with green flowers on top of a table
Snowball Viburnum - Beautiful House