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an acoustic guitar is mounted to the wall with shelves on each side and strings attached to it
Guitar Shelf 54. Recycled Acoustic Guitar With Custom | Etsy
a white guitar sitting on top of a bed
Guitar shelf for my soon to be born son.
an acoustic guitar hanging on the wall with its case open and it's strings still attached
Guitar Shelf
a guitar shaped display case with bottles and glasses
Dit item is niet beschikbaar | Etsy
a bottle of wine sitting on top of a wooden case filled with glasses and bottles
Dit item is niet beschikbaar | Etsy
an acoustic guitar hanging on the wall
Guitar Shelf Lamp - Unique Home Decor Vintage - Noir Collection
a guitar shaped liquor bottle holder with two glasses on it's bottom shelf and a blue light underneath the neck
Whisky Gitarren Regal DIY
a guitar shaped shelf with coca cola cans and glasses on it's bottom, hanging from the wall
Gitarrenbar Classic 3/4 Jack Daniels Gitarrenregal LED Beleuchtung - Etsy 日本
a guitar shaped wine glass holder with four wine glasses on it and a bottle in the middle
16 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Guitar into Home Décor Items
a wooden shelf with wine glasses and bottles in it
Guitar Case Shelf 18. Recycled Guitar Case With Custom Wine Rack and Shelves. - Etsy
a guitar shaped wine rack holds two glasses
Guitar Wine Rack – Black – LED light