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Modern | Exterior #architecture #house #home
By Karen Kjærgaard, Denmark


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an outhouse with logs in the front and side doors open on top of grass
EPIC PREMIUM sauna house 2,4x3m - PREMIUM SAUNAS - Catalogue -
the floor plan for an apartment with two separate rooms and one living room, which is also
Lagomstudiobox: I will redraw or design 2d and 3d floor plan for $5 on
the house is made out of black wood and has two windows on each side, along with
Woodland retreat by Béres Architects nestles up against a rock face
the house is made up of black wood and has two large windows on each side
Gallery of Six Square House / Young Projects - 14
the floor plan for a house with two car garages and an apartment on one side
Byg nyt hus | Plantegninger | 160-180 m2
a living room filled with lots of windows next to a wooden table and couches
Appareil Architecture's black metal cabin hides in a Quebec forest
a black house with trees and bushes in the front yard
Zwei kleine Häuser / Architekturbüro Scheder
a modern house with wooden doors and windows
Corallo House / PAZ Arquitectura
Modern | Exterior #architecture #house #home
the house is surrounded by tall grass and has large windows on it's side
Skarptskåret udenpå - sprælsk indeni
By Karen Kjærgaard, Denmark
a black house sitting on top of a lush green field next to a tall grass covered field
Ochre Barn by Carl Turner Architects | Norfolk, England.
a black house with wooden sidings and stairs
Det nye barn i kolonien
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