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an old frame with butterflies on it is hanging on the wall in front of a white wall
Paul Villinski - Empire
a shelf filled with potted plants next to a wall mounted planter in a corner
Goals for my future home! If anyone knows how to make this let me know…
Halloween Day - DIY Dollar Tree 🎃 centerpiece - easy craft and not expensive project
a pink mirror sitting on top of a table next to a wallpapered window
two birds sitting on top of a table next to a clock and some butterflies in the shape of letters
there are many different pictures on the table with scissors and other things to make it look like an old photo
DIY Spooky Halloween Mirror
an orange butterfly sitting in a black frame
Taxidermy Butterfly, Insects, Unique Home Decor Oddity Asylum. Now available! Gothic Witch Halloween
some glass domes filled with plants and other items on top of a table next to each other
DIY Entomology Cloche with Dollar Store Bugs
four framed pictures with gold bugs in the shape of heart shaped frames on a table