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a blue and white patchwork quilt hanging on a wall
L'artiste du vendredi : Shizuko Kuroha - L' Atelier d Emma
a blue and green quilt with trees on it
a wall hanging made out of strips of fabric with scissors on the table next to it
A Denim Diamond in the Square
a patchwork quilt with many different colors
happenstance, chance, accidental beauty
a black and white quilt with red stitchs on it's edges is shown
a piece of cloth is laying on the floor
Boro sashiko project part 3
a bowl sitting on top of a wooden table next to a rug covered in lines
Boro Tablerunner
a blue and white patchwork wall hanging
Wrapping Traditions opening night pictures
a blue quilt is hanging on a wooden fence
Quilts - Custom and One-of-a-Kind Designs — Surrounded by Scraps
a hand holding a piece of fabric with a heart on it's patchwork
an abstract painting with black and white squares
Yoshiko Jinzenji
a close up view of a quilt with many different colors
Indigos japonais par Shizuko Kuroha