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a glass carriage with two red roses on top
All made from Dollar Tree! Talk about kore bang for your buck 🌹
three different lights hanging from trees in the woods, one is made out of glass
24+ Creative DIY Repurposed Garden Tools Ideas - FarmFoodFamily
Garden Lighting: upcycled candle lanterns | Best DIY Repurposed Garden Tools Ideas | Garden Craft Ideas
before and after photos of an old lamp
Must Have Craft Tips – Outdoor Upcycled Ideas
the instructions for how to use wax paper on wood, glass and canvass
Transfer Images Using Wax Paper: Tutorial
two jars filled with white cotton balls and one has an open lid that says how to upcycle glass jars
Reuse Glass Jars for DIY Bathroom Storage
This upcycling craft idea is perfect for storing small items! Recycle your food jars to make beautiful glass jars. So cheap and easy! You could even sell these! Recycled projects and crafts are my favorite. #recycledcraft #recycledproject #recycling #crafts #diy #instrupix #doityourself #homedecor