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a color wheel with the words warm, cold and yellow in different colors on it
5th- Abstract Art/ Non-Objective Name Art
ARTimus Prime: 6th- Abstract Art/ Non-Objective Name Art
the color wheel is labeled with examples of various colors
ANALOGOUS COLORS- Colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel, for example, blue, blue-violet, and violet. An analogous color scheme is based on the idea of a color family, using two or three neighboring hues from the color circle as a starting point.
the color wheel is shown with different colors
FLEX Curriculum
Color Theory Basics - FLEX Resource
the top ten sewing apps to keep you in stitches
10 Sewing Apps to Keep You in Stitches
Our top 10 favorite sewing apps will help keep you and your sewing projects organized. You can even use programs to help you design a pattern!
the instructions for how to sew an armhole and sleeveless top with short sleeves
Half scale exercises Exercise 3: Eliminating both waist and shoulder darts to create an armhole dart. Draw in the new dart line from bust point to armhole. Slash all dart lines and fold out both the waist and shoulder darts. Secure both darts and trace the pattern block. Draw in the new dart and remember to reduce the dart by 1.2cm.