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an oil painting of some plants in front of a house and other buildings on a cloudy day
Anne Savage - Canadian Art Group
Anne Savage
a painting of people walking in the snow
Mabel Lockerby - After a Snowstorm, 1935 at Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal - Montreal Quebec Canada
a painting of snow covered trees and houses
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an oil painting of people walking in the snow near a house and tree with no leaves
Lot - KATHLEEN MOIR MORRIS, A.R.C.A., YELLOW HOUSE AT SAINT SAUVEUR, QUEBEC, oil on panel, 10.5 ins x 14 ins; 26.7 cms x 35.6 cms
a painting of trees and mountains in the background
Twilight in June by Edwin HeadleyHolgate
an oil painting of trees and a house in the distance with a path leading up to it
a painting of people standing in front of a house
Anne Savage - Canadian Fine Arts Gallery | Toronto
a painting of a white house with trees and clouds in the background
Prudence Heward | Summer Near Brockville | MutualArt
a painting of a farm house on a hill with fields and hills in the background
a painting of some houses and trees in front of a fence with a sky background
Back Garden, 1938 - Prudence Heward -
an oil painting of a rural scene with houses and people in the foreground, clouds above
Farm, 1933 - Prudence Heward -
a painting of a man sitting in front of a window with his hand on his face
Beaver Hall Group (@Canadian_art) on X