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a painting of a bird sitting on a rock in the middle of an area with carved totems
Windy Poplars Room
John Howe. “Winter of the Raven”
a close up of a totema made out of wood
The Eye
a red and gold computer mouse sitting on top of a black surface with its reflection
Panda Worthy
a wooden sculpture of a fish with its mouth open on a black surface in front of a dark background
New Artwork at The Inuit Gallery of Vancouver
an artistically designed wooden object on a black background
Luke Marston
a white mask on a wooden stand against a black background
The Sky Opened: Salish Origins - John Marston solo exhibition
a carved bird sitting on top of a wooden stick in front of a gray background
Rattle | Native American (Haida) | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Mascara, Klimt, Mask, Mascaras, Mask Design, Tatoo, African Masks
a totema standing in front of some trees
Alpinisto Americano
a totem pole in front of some trees and clouds with the words totem animal meditation
Ms Archer's Space
four totem poles in front of a building with mountains in the backgroud
New Aiyansh, BC