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two snowmen made out of construction paper on an orange background
Nancy Nolan's Kindergarten
Cute snowman craft for kids to use with the book Snowmen at Night - would make a cute bulletin board!
a brown card with a christmas tree drawn on it next to a wrapped present box
Ideje kako napraviti Božićne čestitke
Božićne čestitke - uradi sam
an image of a gray and white background with circles in the shape of a snowflake
A collection of traditional Hama Bead Snowflake patterns using white & clear midi beads and small hexagon pegboard. Hama Bead Snowflakes in white beads on a small hexagon pegboard. It’s a good idea to fill the rest of the board with clear beads if you want these to be Christmas Decorations, leaving one space for a hanging hole, to make them stronger; the clear gives it an extra sparkle. They also look nice on other background colours.
an image of a circle made up of circles on a gray background with white dots
an image of some white circles on a gray background
an image of a snowflake that looks like it is made out of circles
a yellow and white snowflake is shown in the middle of a gray background
Pastel Hama Bead Snowflake Patterns | BeadMerrily Hama Bead Designs
a pink and white pattern on a gray background with circles in the shape of donuts