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SVG Animation 25-a
Gif render of SVG animation 25 variation A by Andrew Wang-Hoyer. Inspired by this pin ( (original artist unknown).
Walking Cycle Free Rig
Here is the walking cycle rig with the bunch of sliders, that allows you to play with offset, amplitude, randomness and other things that is important in character animation☝️. The main point to show how this simple rules influence on the final look of the animation.😃 Credit: MaxKravchenko
a fish and a boat are shown in this animated video about the shape of an animal's head
Gifts of the Gills - Life Advice from Fishing
Thanks for all the love from the local fisherman at Wine after Coffee, Booooooom, and Motionographer There's a whole little fish world in each pond, puddle,…
the statue of liberty is flying through the air with her arms in the air and headphones
A Brief History of Coffee
- As a coffee lover this project was a really fun one. I had a lot of freedom to develope it and to put my own style. Hope you enjoy it while you drink a damn…