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Models on the runway at Paris Fashion Week wearing Ege Carpets…. “An Imaginary Experience”. #egecarpets #sustanability #pfw2022 #virgilabloh #off_white #designercarpets Catwalk Fashion, Couture, Haute Couture Fashion, Fall 2022, Runway Collection, Fashion Line, Fashion Show Collection, Model Dress, London Fashion Week
From designer carpets to designer clothes
Models on the runway at Paris Fashion Week wearing Ege Carpets…. “An Imaginary Experience”. #egecarpets #sustanability #pfw2022 #virgilabloh #off_white #designercarpets
an empty hallway with tiled floors and blue skylight above it, along with green doors
Hospitality - Case studies
#egecarpets installation at #HotelDanmark, Denmark #nordicantique #carpet #mosaic #mosaiccarpet #mosaictilesdesign #hoteldesign #hospitality #hospitalitydesign #hospitalitydesigner
a living room filled with blue and red furniture
Rugs as artworks rather than interior details
When entering their rooms, guests immediately notice the bespoke rugs, generously sized and prominently staged as one of the important interior elements. Designed by various curated artists, each rug is imagined as a work of art and created to be an eye-catching standalone centrepiece in the room.
a living room filled with green furniture and large glass doors leading to an outside patio
ReForm Transition
The three designs are available in an extensive range of soft and faded colours, carefully researched and coordinated in terms of the role they play in facilitating good physical and mental health. Greys and browns from the earth provide a soothing, safe and solid ambience, while greens and blues bring us new energy, creativity and optimism. Available in tiles, planks and wall-to-wall.
ReForm Transition
Nature's ability to recycle Directly inspired by nature’s own virtuous, recycling process with seeds transforming into mature, flourishing foliage that eventually will crumble into delicate textures only to become seeds again for a new beginning. Irregular textures, layers and structures from outdoors are translated into multi-level carpet designs reflecting key elements of this seasonal cycle: Seed, Leaf and Fibre.
four different colors of carpet in various rooms
Colours of 2021
Pantone colours of 2021 are yellow and grey, vibrant and solid but at the same time cozy and uplifting. Colour combinations with promises of sun and and optimism, which we all are dreaming of. #egecarpets #carpetinspo #sustainability #coloursof21#yellowcarpet #greycarpet