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a living room with a white chair and fireplace
A Fusion of Styles in This Modern Australian Villa 🇦🇺
This stunning villa in Australia seamlessly blends the influences of Spanish architecture with a modern, cozy interior. 🇪🇸🇦🇺 The exterior features arches and rounded corners, a hallmark of Australian design, while the veranda hints at Spanish influences. 🏡 Inside, designer Lisa Buxton has created a warm and inviting living space with a focus on natural materials, particularly wood. 🌿 Exposed wooden beams, floorboards, wall panels, and furniture add warmth and texture to the space. 🪵 The overall design is a testament to the versatility of modern design, embracing influences from various styles to create a unique and stylish home. ✨ #decorbymigo #australianvilla #spanishinfluences #moderncozy #naturalmaterials #versatiledesign
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Sample 50251w Gansevoort Silver Wallpaper by Fabricut
PLEASE NOTE, THIS PRODUCT IS FOR A SAMPLE OF THE WALLPAPER LISTED ABOVE. - From Fabricut.Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for samples to be delivered.Please note, Burke Decor does not accept wallpaper returns at this time. Why? Wallpaper is produced in batches (similar to tile) and due to dye-lot variations that occur based on when the rolls are produced, we are unable to accept returns.
a kitchen with marble counter tops and bar stools
GRID HOUSE by Doherty Design Studio
GRID HOUSE by Doherty Design Studio | Australian Interior Design Awards