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three candles are sitting in small glass jars with sand inside one candle is lit and the other is turned on
A Night in White Inspiration
Einfach und weiß: In Sand gesteckte Kerzen als Dekoidee.
a window box filled with lots of colorful flowers
a wooden deck with chairs and plants on it
Toffe plantenbakken - Inspiraties -
Toffe plantenbakken
several candles are placed in a bucket on the counter top, with sand around them
DIY-Hochzeit in der Scheune von Aumühle
a wooden crate filled with lots of flowers
lit candles are placed in clay pots next to a pool
Riviera Maison Summer Island
Rivièra Maison Summer Island
purple and white flowers in front of a window sill with shutters on the outside
a window box filled with purple and green flowers
Container Gardening Inspiration
an outdoor shelf filled with plants and candles
an outdoor area with a wooden fence and potted plants