De Jardin.

220 Pins
three colorful birds sitting on top of a lush green field next to white and yellow flowers
Pretty Birds Decorative Garden Planter | Collections Etc.
two cat shaped stepping stones sitting on gravel next to pink flowers and green leaves in the background
a statue of two mushrooms with water coming out of it's mouth and one frog sitting on top of the mushroom
two gnomes are sitting in front of a mushroom house with an orange hat on
two chickens are standing next to some potted plants and one is holding a sign that says welcome
a wooden turtle planter with a pink flower in it's trunk and a butterfly on top
Exhart 9.17-in H x 11.57-in W Turtle Garden Statue
a snail figurine sitting on top of a wooden table
Adorno de jardín, gnomo, hada del jardín, Troll, Sitting
Lilly y Len Elves sentados, ornamento del jardín, gnomo, jardín de hadas, Troll, Imp: Jardín
several pictures of various metal animals in the grass
Chris Moss Wire sculptures of wild life
a potted plant sitting next to a yellow ball
Плющ «Хедера хеликс». Потрясающие композиции для украшения дома и сада