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many people are standing in the middle of an old city square with tall buildings on both sides
Dam Square
Lovely, busy square in the centre of Amsterdam
two plates with sandwiches, tomatoes and cucumbers on them next to cups of coffee
Prins Heerlijk
Nice brunch at this cute café!
there is a red light reflected in the windows of this store front window on a brick sidewalk
Red Light District
Red lights on even on a Sunday morning..! Very odd.
two drinks are being held up in front of a cityscape at night time
Fab cocktails at the top of A'Dam Tower
two trays filled with food on top of a wooden table
The Butcher Social Club
Yummy burgers at this funky restaurant/bar at the bottom of A'Dam Tower
a tall building with lots of windows next to a stair case in front of it
Anne Frank House
Very interesting & very emotional
a canal with boats and parked cars on both sides
So many beautiful canals in Amsterdam- lovely views any time of day
there is a sculpture made out of bowling pins
Sex museum
Prepare to see a lot of penises
a person holding up a waffle with syrup on it in front of a building
Must eat!!!
a sign on the side of a brick wall advertising banksy
Moco Museum
Banksy & Roy Lichtenstein exhibits at Moco museum are great to see
a row of glass bottles filled with liquid and flasks lined up against a wall
House of Bols
Fabulous tour at the House of Bols to learn about how Bols is made & about all the different varieties... plus you get a shot and a cocktail included in the price!!
a painting hanging on the wall with a hat and tie around it's neck
Van Gogh museum
Incredible museum to see Van Gogh's works, including the famous Sunflowers!
people are standing in front of the word amsterdam
I amsterdam
Can't miss a photo opportunity with this sign!
people are standing in the middle of a flower garden with many different colored flowers on it
Nationale Tulpendag
National Tulip Day in Amsterdam! Annual event in January
a bar with palm tree in the middle
Cool bar for casual drinks