Wimbledon (London)

Wimbledon in London, UK
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a car parked in front of a large brick house
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The home of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" actor James Fox
the front of a brick building with white doors and windows on each side, surrounded by greenery
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The home of Academy Award-winning actress Margaret Rutherford
a large white house sitting next to a tall tree
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The site of Cherry Red record label in the late 1970s
an old brick building with a microwave on the door and window above it's entrance
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IMO Records
an empty stadium with the name wimbledon stadium on it
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Wimbledon Stadium
an outdoor courtyard with potted plants and windows
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The Chapel Studios
an empty storefront with graffiti on the door and shutters open to let people know where they are going
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Wizard Tattoo Studio
a motorcycle is parked in front of a storefront with glass doors and brick facade
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Collectors Ink
a car parked in front of a building with signs on the wall and stairs leading up to it
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Tunnel 267
the front of a building with two signs on it's windows and one sign that says cherry the frog
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Cherry Pie Music
an old building with a dome on top in the middle of a city street under a cloudy blue sky
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New Wimbledon Theatre - Marlene Dietrich gave her last stage performance here in 1975
a white brick building sitting on the side of a road next to a green trash can
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The site of RG Jones Studios - A-Ha, The Yardbirds, The Moody Blues and Nick Lowe all recorded here
the entrance to sub urban bar and lounge
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Suburban Bar & Lounge
the front of a book shop with lots of books on display
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Copperfield Books
a brick building with a sign on the side of it next to a tree and fence
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The site of the Old Croquet Grounds, where the Tennis Championships were first held before its popularity rose