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an orange sitting on top of a box next to a glass of liquid and some slices of fruit
a pineapple next to a bottle of aloepenn on a peach background
GooziGoozi on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
the bottles are full of honey, ginger and lemons next to some ginger slices
Creative Food Still Life of a Beverage Product
a bottle of lemon juice next to some ginger and an orange on a yellow background
Frau Ingwer
Imagery created by hej studio, a multidisciplinary design studio all about food and lifestyle based in Bregenz, Austria and Copenhagen, Denmark. On the menu: bold brand identities, packaging design solutions, graphic design, food photography and delicious content. #graphicdesign #packagingdesign #foodphotography #aesthetic #branding #contentcreation #lemon #ginger #drink #healthy
an orange and ginger flavored gin is flying through the air next to lemons
5 Package Designs of the Week
an assortment of wooden utensils and boxes on top of a beige surface with the words slice of heaven printed on it
Packaging for food brands
a person is throwing a piece of bread into a box
Breana´s Toast — bakery
cereal is being poured into a bowl with a milk bottle next to it and an orange background
Cereal Product Photography Concept
Commercial Product Photography for Groovies, a cereal brand. Super vibrant, colorful and great "ready to eat" compositions.
an assortment of nuts, cereals and other food items are arranged on a table
an assortment of food items displayed on a table with the words peanuts above them
a box of cereal next to a cup of coffee
tasty toasted spelt flakes muesli - Dorset Cereals
Products - Dorset Cereals
a box of cereal sitting on top of a table
classic fruits, nuts and seeds muesli - Dorset Cereals
a bowl of oatmeal next to a bag of honey and some cinnamon sticks
Faithful To Nature