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a white bird flying in the air with it's wings folded back and wing extended
Triptych by Richard Sweeney
Wet-folded watercolour paper, adhesive. 2013 www.richardsweeney.co.uk Facebook Twitter
a white sculpture on the side of a building
hyperbolic crochet
Hyperbolic Crochet - some fiber for thoughts about art, math, crochet, and all the various threads in our lives.
a white piece of art that looks like wavy hair
Art Comes First: Inspirations
Art Comes First: Inspirations
an abstract sculpture made out of white material with wavy lines on the top and bottom
Cet article n'est pas disponible | Etsy
Tuile dargile aux pleurotes
the building has wavy lines on it's side and is made out of concrete
Industrial Design Trends, Online Courses and Jobs - leManoosh
Industrial Design Trends and Inspiration - leManoosh
an artistic sculpture is shown in the middle of a room with white walls and concrete flooring
McConnell Studios
'Momentum' - 9' x 14' x 2' - 3D Systems Interactive kinetic sculpture with sound element, reflecting millipede motion - Video below gallery ©2008 Matt McConnell - Final gallery image by Libby Telford, including 'Shift' and 'Flight'
white drapes are hanging from the ceiling in an empty room with concrete flooring
Ann Hamilton Habitus 2016
the wood grains are very interesting in this photo
Fine Art Nature and Abstract Photography by Byron Jorjorian Photography
Natural Wood with grey textures; organic forms; woodgrain; line patterns in nature
close up view of some type of metal object with light coming from it's center
elinka: “ Paper by ”
an abstract painting with wavy lines on it
interesting combo of precision and undulation
an abstract background with wavy lines in the shape of waves and shapes that appear to be made out of paper
Key Trends from Surface Design: 3D Approach, tactile, liner, asymmetrical combination of textures.
3D approach tactile from surface design show London more from Interlam /
»✿❤️Blue❤️✿« Turquoise, Blue Aesthetic, Blue Dream, Something Blue, Electric Blue, Blue Green, Ciel, Blue Art
an abstract photograph of lines and shapes in grey tones, with blue sky behind them
Ventagli - architecture. Wonderful structure. Inspiring for paper folding.
the shadow of a person standing on top of a sand dune
shadow on sahara desert sand.