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Inspiration board for our company. Textile installations to get our creative minds thinking!
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a blue couch sitting on top of a wooden frame
Covet House | Inspirations and Ideas
Outstanding chair to add in your new project. It's wonderful. #modernchair #chairdesign #luxuryfurniture #Tendance2017 #Déco #Decoracion
two people sitting on a bench in the middle of a room covered with white fabric
Check out Christo's latest installation
Check out Christo’s latest installation
two blue and white curtains hanging from the ceiling
NameBright - Domain Expired
fringe installation, noman
an office with white drapes covering the walls
A Few things I Cursive Design
must re-pavilion my room. removes stressors from your environment :)
a man standing next to a little boy on top of a purple floor covered in lights
Gallery of wonderWALL / LIKEarchitects - 6
an art installation with white fabric covering the walls and floor, in a large room
Penelopiad - IGNANT
The installation ‘Penelopiad’ by Lightning & Kinglyface aka Anna Fulmine and Victoria Shahrokh, uses a white, stretched canvas as a metaphor for human skin. Named after a novella by Margaret Atwood, the artwork fills the entire room, stretching from the floor to the ceiling, held down by eerie white hands.
an empty room with white curtains hanging from the ceiling
an art gallery with blue and white walls, large columns and balls on the floor
Lovin’ and crushing on indigo……
indigo dyed fabric
a person standing in front of a large white sculpture
Onishi Yasuaki
Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi’s series ‘Reverse of Volume’ establishes this intricate premise
an art piece is hanging on the wall in front of a white wall with torn fabric
installation by Charlie Trosclair. would look amazing with dim lights behind it to light the fabric. perfect to take up space in a loft and light a room with eye catching art.
an artistic sculpture made out of sheer fabric
Liliya Sotirova
several images of people swinging on swings in an empty room with white tarp covering them
American artist Ann Hamilton‘s GIGANTIC installation, “the event of a thread”
multiple images of different colors and shapes in an art gallery
Account Suspended
Mang cả giấc mơ vào phòng ngủ cho con - Rèm cửa Mihn Home
two tall white sculptures in a dark room
many people are walking around in an airport with colorful mesh coverings hanging from the ceiling
Page Not Found - Janet Echelman
Was at SFO a few weeks ago. It's always a delight to see this every time I arrive. Janet Echelman