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a silver chain is hanging from a hook
The Chain Mail
Check out our last Instagram story about our chain mail project development.
an image of a close up view of some corals
Texture Reference
Texture Reference - Album on Imgur
a close up of a person holding a cell phone in their right hand and wearing a jacket with pleated fabric on it
Yiqing Yin
Fabric Manipulation sculptural textile textures for fashion // Yiqing Yin
an artistic sculpture with blue and white stripes on it's surface, in the shape of waves
Industrial Design Trends, Jobs and Online Courses - leManoosh
an abstract piece of wood that looks like it has been carved into the shape of leaves
Simone PHEULPIN- France- - voyage à travers l'art du monde
many white hats are arranged in rows on a table top, with black pins sticking out of them
Фактуры, которые удивляют
Модная одежда и дизайн интерьера своими руками
blue and black woven material with white dots on it's edges, close up
Image Archive
Patternity | Archive
an abstract design with gold and silver colors on the surface, as if it were made out of metal
Interactives | Exhibitions | 1998 | Japanese Textiles | Sculpted
the textured fabric is white and grey, but it doesn't seem to be black
Texture Archives - leManoosh
Texture Archives - leManoosh
an abstract yellow background with wavy lines
Les yeux de feu
Fabric Manipulation - 3D textiles design with beautifully crafted rippling textures in shades of yellow; artful surface creation
a pile of wooden bowls sitting on top of a metal table covered in geometric designs
Wood Textile Rug by Elisa Strozyk. I'm weak at the knees. {Smiley Culture}
some red flowers are hanging on the wall
Fabric Manipulation - dyed & textured silk, suspended to create fluid drape - fiber art using shibori techniques; 3D surface pattern creation // Rebecca Cross #textiles
some kind of white substance that is on the side of a machine
[영국패션유학,영국식포트폴리오]텍스타일,소재 개발 아이디어들
[영국패션유학,영국식포트폴리오]텍스타일,소재 개발 아이디어들 : 네이버 블로그
a piece of yellow cloth with a knot on it
grid texture detail
Fabric Manipulation Sample textile textures; manipulating fabrics // Pleats by Yorktown Road
the fabric is covered with black and white designs on it's side, as if in an artistic fashion
Ажурный бактус...
Felted Textile Design with intricate fibre textures like organic form in decay; fabric manipulation // Ana Kovylina