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Welcome to "IC's and Components Pinouts"! This board offers easy-to-access diagrams for IC's and components, perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike…
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Unlock the secrets of your 433MHz RF receiver & transmitter! This guide shows you what each pin does, making it a breeze to connect & control your wireless projects. #electronics
This hidden radio band lets your projects talk wirelessly! ️
Simple & Affordable: Perfect for beginners to add remote control to creations.
Short Range: Best for projects within your home or close proximity.
Common Applications: Garage door openers, wireless sensors, & more!
Ready to explore wireless communication? Click to know more about 433MHz
L298N Motor Driver Pin Diagram, Working, Datasheet & Arduino Connection

Motor Drivers

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The XIAO ESP32S3 Sense is the smallest ESP32 dev board with an onboard camera. It supports WiFi and BLE 5.0 communication up to 100 meters with a U.FL antenna
XIAO ESP32S3 Board Review- Pinout, Specs & Projects
XIAO ESP32S3 Board Review- Pinout, Specs & Projects


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ATmega2560 Pinout, Specifications & Datasheet
ATmega2560 Pinout, Specifications & Datasheet

ATmega2560 Pinout

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ATmega32u4 Pinout, Specification & Datasheet
ATmega32u4 Pinout, Specification & Datasheet

ATmega32u4 Pinout

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ATX Power Supply Connector Pinout (20 & 24 pins)
ATX stands for Advanced Technology Extended power supply. The three major voltage outputs produced by the ATX power supply are +3.3 V, +5 V, and +12 V. This

ATX Power Supply Connector Pinout

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Head-to-head breakdown of Arduino UNO and STM32 Bluepill. Discover their strengths, weaknesses, and which one fits your project perfectly. Time to level up your electronics game!

#arduino #STM32Bluepill #microcontrollers #electronics #diyprojects
Master the STM32 Bluepill with this handy pinout guide! Explore all 37 GPIO pins, their functions, and functionalities like SPI, I2C, and PWM. Conquer your electronics projects with ease!

#STM32Bluepill #pinout #electronics #microcontrollers #diyprojects
The STM32 Bluepill is a powerful and affordable microcontroller perfect for beginners and hobbyists. Learn the basics, explore its features, and unlock a world of creative projects!

#STM32Bluepill #microcontrollers #electronics #DIYprojects

STM32 Bluepill Pinout

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Unlock the secrets of controlling your 7-segment display! This guide dives deep into pinout configurations (common anode & cathode), explains segment functions (a-g, DP), and equips you to illuminate those digits!

#7segmentdisplay #pinout #electronics #diyprojects #learningresources
The 7-segment display is your go-to for showing numbers electronically. It uses seven LED segments to create digits 0-9 and sometimes even letters! Perfect for clocks, calculators, and more. Learn all about it!

#7segmentdisplay #electronics #diyelectronics #gadgets #learningresources
7-Segment Display Pinout, Truthtable & Datasheet

7-Segment Display Pinout

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Mastering the 16x2 LCD starts with understanding its pins! This guide breaks down all 16 pins, their functions, and how they work together. From power and ground to data and control, unlock the secrets to controlling your LCD with ease!

#16x2LCD #pinout #electronics #diyprojects #learningresources
The back of your 16x2 LCD might seem like a mystery, but it holds the key to controlling it. This guide unveils the components you'll find:
Interface IC: This chip translates your commands into instructions for the display.
Power and Ground Pins: These provide the juice to keep your LCD running.
Control Pins: These tell the LCD what to do (think 'show text' or 'adjust contrast').
Data Pins (Optional): These send the actual information you want displayed (depending on your interface mode).
The 16x2 LCD is a workhorse display for electronics projects.  This intro dives into its basics: what it is, how it works, and its functionalities.  Get ready to display text, data, and even custom characters on your projects!

#16x2LCD #electronics #diyprojects #display #learningresources

16 X 2 LCD

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Teensy 4.0 Pinout, Specifications & Board Layout
Teensy 4.0 Pinout, Specifications & Board Layout

Teensy 4.0 Pinout

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Unveiling the secrets of the Teensy 4.1! This guide breaks down the board layout, highlighting key components. Understanding the layout empowers you to unlock the full potential of the Teensy 4.1 for your next project!
#Teensy41 #boardlayout #electronics #microcontrollers #diyprojects
The Teensy 4.1 packs a punch!  This high-performance microcontroller boasts a speedy processor, tons of memory, and built-in features like Ethernet and microSD support. Craft complex projects, explore robotics, and push your creative boundaries!

#Teensy41 #microcontroller #electronics #diyprojects #highperformance
Teensy 4.1 Pinout, Specifications & Board Layout

Teensy 4.1 Pinout

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Full Teensy 3.2 Pinout, Specifications & Board Layout
Full Teensy 3.2 Pinout, Specifications & Board Layout

Teensy 3.2 Pinout

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Full XLR Pinout(XLR3, 4,5,6) - Types & Advantages
XLR is an electrical connector mainly used for cabling in audio and video applications. These connectors are also used in lighting control, low-voltage power
Full XLR Pinout(XLR3, 4,5,6) - Types & Advantages


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Despite its tiny size, the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) hides a complex world within its miniature frame. Understanding this layout is key to unlocking its potential in your projects. This guide unveils the key components that make the CM4 tick. Click to know more details.
#RaspberryPi #ComputeModule4 #CM4 #electronics #diyprojects #raspberrypiprojects #minicomputer #microcontrollers
The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) packs a serious punch in a tiny size!  This powerful single-board computer is perfect for embedding computing power into your custom projects.
The CM4 unlocks a world of possibilities for creative makers and professionals!

#RaspberryPi #ComputeModule4 #CM4 #electronics #diyprojects
What's New in Compute Module 4? Specifications & Uses

Compute Module 4

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Thanks to its small size and low price point, the Raspberry Pi Pico W is likely to find its way into a wide range of applications, from simple WiFi projects
New Pi Pico W- WiFi Features, Specs & Pinout Simplified
New Pi Pico W- WiFi Features, Specs & Pinout Simplified

Raspberry Pi Pico W

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Know the Difference- RJ9, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, RJ48 & Pinout
RJ11 connector is one of the earliest versions of modular connectors used for telephone and modem lines. It is a six-position, four-conductor modular plug or
What is RJ11? Connector Pinout, Uses, and FAQs


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Unlock stable voltage for your creations! This guide breaks down the LM7805 pinout:
Input (VIN): Connect your unregulated power source here (7-25V).
Ground (GND): Essential for proper grounding.
Output (VOUT): Provides a steady 5V output to power your projects.
Simple pinout, big results! Click to know more #electronics #lm7805 #pinout #diy #voltage #regulator
This tiny chip guarantees smooth voltage for your projects. Perfect for beginners & reliable power! Click to know in details.
#electronics #lm7805 #diy #voltage #regulator
LM7805 Pinout, Specs, Circuit- How to use?

LM7805 Voltage Regulator

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Need blazing-fast data & video? Thunderbolt's your champ!
USB-C is your jack-of-all-trades for charging & basic transfers.
Which port will conquer your project? Click to know more.
#electronics #usb #thunderbolt
Master the language your devices speak! These pinout guides for both RS232 and RS485 show you what each pin does, making it easy to connect and control your projects.

Level up your serial communication skills! #electronics #diy #communication #RS232 #RS485
Thunderbolt: Blazing-fast data transfer & video output (think dual 4K displays!).
USB-C: Universal connector for charging & basic data transfer.
Choose your champion! #electronics #usbc #thunderbolt

All about USB and Ports

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1N4148 is a type of switching diode. #diode #diodepinout
1N4148 is mainly used for general operations like fast switching, and high-speed rectification. #1N4148 #diode #fastdiode

1N4148 Diode

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The two stator coils do not have a center tap and thus it has 4 wires. #NEMApinout #pinout
The two stator coils have a center tap and thus it has 6 wires. #NEMApinout #pinout
NEMA 17 stepper motor is a brushless DC electric motor that divides a full rotation down into equal steps. #steppermotor #NEMA17

NEMA 17 Stepper Motor

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USB Mini was the first improvised version of the normal connectors. This version was launched for both Type A and Type B.
The superspeed version of Micro B USB consists of 10 pins.
USB Type-A is used to make a connection with a PC while Type B is used to connect smaller peripherals.

USB Pinout

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The FTDI cable has 6 output pins as similar to the FTDI module.
An FTDI module consists of 6 pins.

FTDI Cable and Module

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Both are variable resistors, but what's the difference?   Learn which one to use for volume control, light dimmers, motor speed, and more!  Click to know details. 
➡️ #electronics #diyprojects  #components
Not all knobs are created equal!  This guide explores different potentiometers. 
Find the perfect knob for your project! #electronics #diy #potentiometer
Confused about knobs? This guide breaks down the different types of potentiometers!

Rotary: The classic knob we all know (volume control).
Slider: Slide it smooth for precise control (brightness control).
Trimmer: Tiny for hidden adjustments (fine-tuning inside projects).
Multi-Turn: Offers ultimate precision with many rotations (perfect for sensitive settings).
What knob will rule your project? #electronics #diy #potentiometer

Potentiometer in detail

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OBD2 Connector Pinout, Types & Codes(Explained)
It is a 16-pin OBD port present in your car that is used by the technician to find fault in the car. The technician connects an OBD2 connector to this port
OBD2 Connector Pinout, Types & Codes(Explained)

OBD2 Connector Pinout in detail

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Tiny 2040 is a small size development board based on the RP2040 microcontroller, a dual-core Arm cortex M0+ that runs on 133 MHz clock frequency.
Tiny 2040 Pinout, Specs, Board Layout: Better than Rpi pico?
Tiny 2040 Pinout, Specs, Board Layout: Better than Rpi pico?

Introduction to Tiny 2040: Pinout, Specs

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In this post, We will discuss the differences between RPi Zero 2W vs Zero W. Such as comparison of their specs, design, speed and benchmarks etc
New RPi Zero 2W VS Zero W: Differences, design, specs, and benchmarks

RPI Zero 2W vs Zero W

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