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Discovery of Great Importance from Ancient Babylon! The story of this discovery begins the summer of 2002, one of ranking official who owned a large private collection of artifacts from Mesopotamia which had never been made available to the academic...

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Could these creepy coins prove that aliens lived among the ancient Egyptians?

This ancient coin seems to show the head and shoulders of an alien being

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Image result for ancient aliens

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Ancient art featuring what? Many think this looks like an astronaut; ¤¤¤ What does this tell us about our past in ancient times? Notice the gear on back & cords or tubing leading to the chest area.

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I want this on canvas!!! I love it so so much!!! Giorgio Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens.

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Did The Anunnaki Build This 2,000 Year Old High Tech Cave System In China?

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Ancient Alien Theory More

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The stones of Puma Punku shouldn even exist. They are so precisely cut that even a razor blade cant fit through their interlocking joints, a technology that didnt exist until centuries later. The Inca believed this ancient temple had been built by the gods who created the world.

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Annunaki - Source: LOOK at the size of the skeletons!!!

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Chronicles 11.22 The height of these steps are crazy ... makes one believe in giants of the legends

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