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Golden Gate Bridge has amazing angles, but she also has some luscious curves - San Francisco Feelings

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Angles worksheet: Acute, Obtuse, Right- "House of Angles"

Identifying types of angles - I think the students should create their own house and identify the angles.

This FREEBIE is a set of 16 task cards practicing reasoning with angle measures. Concepts included in this task card set are: vertical angles complementary angles supplementary angles adjacent angles corresponding angles parallel lines transversals

Learn how to film a dialogue scene - proper angles, framing, rule of thirds and more!

Angle relationships. I would love to do this on the floor of the classroom or in the hallway then have pairs of students run to things like "Vertical angles, alternate interior angles, alternate exterior angles, linear pairs, supplementary angles, congruent angles, ect" as I call them out.

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The Angle on Botanical Blooms (Lisa's Stamp Studio)

The Angle on Botanical Blooms