The perfect picture of a woman: we were made "Ezer Kenegdo" by God himself (from the Hebrew~azar nagad)- Suitable=Essential & Helper=Counterpart (from Genesis 2:18) We are made in the image of God; equal=made to reflect God; but different than man=feminine; to surround protect or aid; an ally~to be conspicuous and to declare. Image by Tsuyoshi Nagano, "Prominence"

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Sabrina - she feels the mirror and comb singing to herself she lets her maids play with her hair and makeup. She had finished unpacking and hears something drop she turns and asks the maids what happened. "It's one of the princes lady Sabrina

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Beautiful Photo .....

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Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Aphrodite is symbolized by the dove, which is a bit ironic considering her title of the most beautiful was earned in a tumultuous way.

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Aphrodite-Pin-up anything worth putting in an essay for greek goddess aphrodite is all right here enjoy!!

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birth of venus aesthetic (requested) more here // request here

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The Polikos [Aurora: Goddess of Dawn by on @deviantART]

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good witchcrafting More

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Daphne - nymph who was turned into a laurel tree, and who's branches were used by Apollo to make the first laurel crown.

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