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I always yell in the band room that my saxophone is my only love, I have a crush on my saxophone, oh yeah and NOTICE ME SAXOPHONE SENPAI

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Clarinet problem...And that's why my band teacher gave us ear plugs xD

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23 Things Every Music Nerd Will Find Funny

This pun which every music student can relate to. | 23 Things Every Music Nerd Will Find Funny

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No problem

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Band Nerd Probs!!! Argh this is sooo annoying when you're about to compete and there's me tuner around!!!!

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Hahaha...I totally remember joking about this with some of my band geek friends back in middle school

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I'm tenor sax and percussion but there isn't any percussion on this chart lol... it's would probably be annoying asf for both boys and girls

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I now wish I got Paper Towns the other day instead of Looking for Alaska so I could find this...

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sometimes you really do have to just take some random person's stand and smuggle it to your section and sit quietly pretending nothing just happened.

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Every day... flutes are clueless, baratones are my brother's friends, trumpets are my neighbor, french horns are page one markers, tubas are my theater friends, battery steals my friends, pit are my friends, drum major is always rigt, guard are my sisters and everyone else doesn't matter :)

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This could not be more accurate. The Anne Boleyn! I shouldn't have laughed, but I totally did. @Truepanda @najaferguson

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Excuse the language, but this I the best band post.

Excuse the language, but this I the best band post.

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LoTR Weighs In On The American "Sherlock"

made this cus a kid today told me band was lame. -_- i kicked him in the kneecap :D

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Music Problems..I don't necessarily get offended, but I prefer the term 'enthusiast'

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