Exercise routine for beginners...afterall, this woman hasnt 'exercised' for 9 months... :)

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One-month workout plan for beginners! Follow the link for video descriptions of exercises. From Tone-and-Tighten.com

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Use as a warm up for something else...

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You can add to this as you start to improve.

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At Home Workout for Beginners: my visual workout created at WorkoutLabs.com • Click through to customize and download as a FREE PDF! #customworkout

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Start sculpting your lower body with this 20 minute beginner workout routine. A mix of cardio and strength training moves to burn off body fat and trim your inner and outer thighs, hips, quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. http://www.spotebi.com/workout-routines/lower-body-cardio-beginner-workout-routine/

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To maximize results and minimize the risk of injury, start your core workout with a 10 minute dynamic warm up. This beginner workout routine for women warms up your muscles and joints and gets them ready for maximum flexibility, which means you can perform each exercise with proper form. http://www.spotebi.com/workout-routines/cardio-core-beginner-workout-routine-for-women/

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Slim down your arms and sculpt your shoulders with this upper body beginners workout for women. A mix of cardio and strength training moves to trim body fat and strengthen the muscles. http://www.spotebi.com/workout-routines/upper-body-cardio-beginners-workout/

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Lift, round and firm your backside with this beginner workout for women. A 25 minute lower body routine to help you sculpt your glutes and trim body fat. http://www.spotebi.com/workout-routines/lower-body-beginner-workout-women/

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HOW TO START RUNNING: This beginners guide to running is perfect for people who want the benefits of running — strong muscles, a healthy bone density, a superior workout, and much more — but don't know where to start. #running

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