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Patrick Floyd "Pat" Garrett (June 5, 1850 – February 29, 1908) was an American Old West lawman, bartender, and customs agent who was best known for killing Billy the Kid.[2] He was also the sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico


William H. Bonney (born William Henry McCarty, Jr), better known as Billy the Kid, was a 19th-century American gunman who participated in the Lincoln County War and became a frontier outlaw in the American Old West. Contemporaries described him as a "neat" dresser who favored an "unadorned Mexican sombrero". These qualities, along with his cunning and celebrated skill with firearms, contributed to his paradoxical image as both a notorious outlaw and beloved folk hero.


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All told, Billy the Kid is said to have killed a total of 21 men, one for each of the years of his life, though this number is often regarded as inaccurate and exaggerated.


February 18, 1878 – John Tunstall is murdered by outlaw Jesse Evans, sparking the Lincoln County War in Lincoln County, New Mexico.


I'll sing you a true song of Billy the Kid, And tell of the desperate deeds that he did, Out here in the West, boys, in New Mexico, When a man's best friend was his old Forty-four. When Billy the Kid was a very young lad, In old Silver City, he went to be bad; At twelve years of age the Kid killed his first man, Then blazed a wide trail with a gun in each hand.


Billy the Kid, American Outlaw, Portrait Restoration, ca.1880. Original pinner stated, “There is only one known photograph of Billy the Kid. A tintype from about 1880, but it is badly damaged and that makes it difficult to see his face clearly. I have digitally removed the damage from the photograph, and as a professional facial analyst, I have reconstructed the missing parts of Billy’s face.” Remarkable.....