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The Carina Nebula --- NASA/Hubble Space Telescope

The Wonders of the Carina Nebula, a region of massive star formation in the southern skies, was taken in infrared light using the HAWK-I camera on ESO’s Very Large Telescope.

The Carina Nebula is much less well known due to its location in the Southern Sky, ESO, VTL Telescope , Chile

The Carina Nebula around the Wolf–Rayet star WR 22

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NGC 3324 is a star cluster at the northwest corner of the Carina Nebula, home of the Keyhole Nebula and star Eta Carinae

Carina Nebula - Is anyone else seeing a person at the top of the nebula who just took off flying at super sonic speed with a blue swirl around them, creating a giant purple-y dust cloud of energy...Or is that just me?

"We are stardust stories, my darling. Things like us only exist in dreams." - Monsters lost amongst the stars, they call us | p.d