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Tired of people saying im going to be ok....ive master this look you call a smile, ill never be ok and im just fine with that

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This is exactly my thoughts put into words. Exactly. Just so you know.

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This. Just this.

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guys, its real. Its happening all around us. I know I struggle with this, and I also know I'm not the only one who does. Stop making people feel worthless or replaceble just because you might be insecure about stuff. Humans have feelings, people are human. In most cases the put up a facadé that tells people that the words spoken to them don't hurt, and that it doesn't get to them. I know from experience that the facadé isn't reality. I still struggle with this, so guys make people feel the…

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"Anxiety & depression on a ball and chain...most days I can drag them along just fine...but not always." Please tell someone if you are struggling in any way. We are here for you, and you will get through this, day by day. You are never alone. -DCT

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depressed depression suicidal suicide alone broken fat self harm self hate ugly confused insane insecure stupid worthless self destruction no one knows mysterious mystery heart break mystic failure psycho depressive insanity unwanted real me psychopath psychotic i hate ya all

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Inspirational quote

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Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.

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And you told me to be strong...

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